About Satellite overhead link station license

To provide and operate the satellite upper connection service for content distribution. It allows you to create, operate and maintain the following: Mobile communication equipment via satellite, such as: SNG newsgroups, and satellite broadcasting phones specialized in broadcasting sports events, news, political, cultural, direct broadcast, assembly pads associated with Fixed infrastructure for overhead connection.

The name of the activity in the Ministry of Commerce

Satellite overhead link station license

: Target group


14 Days execution time
0User users number
30,000 Riyal Service fee

Rating :

Information about the service

  • the license applicant has a legal representative before the Authority
  • to provide evidence of payment of the financial compensation
  • and the use of the frequency spectrum in accordance with the list of financial compensation for the frequency spectrum approved by the Communications and Information Technology Commission.
  • 602034
  • A commercial register corresponding to the activity
  • the company’s articles of incorporation if the application is submitted by a company
  • National ID for Saudis/passport for non-Saudis
  • Log in to the e-services portal
  • choosing a service (licensing the upper link station with satellites)
  • completing the required data.
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